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At Elk River Senior Living, we’re devoted to providing personalized care for our seniors. Our team knows that Elk River Senior Living is a home, and as such, we foster an environment that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. Committed staff members who truly care for our residents’ physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being deliver the highest quality of care. The Elk River Senior Living team is always present to help when you need it. We support your independence, so you can succeed every day.

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brittney snegosky

Executive Director

Phone: 763.595.1885


Shari Kish-Neal

Director of nursing

Phone: 763.595.1888


Brianna Steinhaus

Nurse Manager

Phone: 763.276.7076

Heather Pollari


Heather Pollari

nurse manager

Phone: 763.595.1889

Jane Edumundson | Marketing Director


Sara Martin

Marketing Director

Phone: 763.595.1884


Darlene Anderson

Life Enrichment Director

Phone: 763.595.1895


Moving a loved one out of their home and into an assisted living facility is a difficult decision, and doing so during a pandemic is even more heartbreaking. My siblings and I all live out of state, so it was important for us to find just the right place for our father.

As soon as we met Deb and the team at Elk River Senior Living, we knew we had found that place. Deb helped us through every step of the process. We communicated daily and transitioned my father into his “new home” without a glitch.

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