Elk River Senior Living is home to unique individuals who enrich our community with their vibrant personalities. We cater to our residents, and your comfort is our priority. At Elk River Senior Living, we strive to provide the utmost care and ensure peace of mind for our seniors and their families—and it shows. Read our testimonials to see how we’ve thoughtfully served our residents and why people are happy to call Elk River Senior Living home.  

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To say that the process of finding a good landing nest for your aging relatives, when the need comes, is anything other than arduous, is an understatement! We read about it for years, coming this way was the wall of aging baby boomers, that's my generation, and more importantly our parents, this industry is completely out capacitied in every aspect of the facilities available to us today. My great aunt has been looking for the perfect senior living facility in the Elk River area for awhile. We recently checked out the newly built Elk River Senior Homes and we were so impressed with the quality of the units! The amenities and finishes make the units feel homey, especially thoughtful items like screened outdoor spaces and heated floors. The floor plans are awesome too. My great aunt is so excited to move in and call this place home!

– Jim and Mavis H.

My sister and I were looking for assisted living for our dad who had been living in his own home for 96 years but now needed additional services to stay active and independent. We found "Elk River Senior Living". The apartment is spacious and very accessible. The knowledge that someone checks on him daily and assists with basic morning and evening care is a heaven sent. In the past if we called him and he did not pick up we would really start to worry!! Now we know he's safe and probably out and about. They have encouraged him to participate in the ongoing daily activities provided, by not just posting them but reminding him of what's going on day to day and helping get to the location of the activity whether it's fitness classes, movies, bingo, happy hour to name a very few of all that's available to partake in. ALL the staff are respectful, and caring individuals.
Having to leave your home is probably one of the most difficult decisions anyone has to make and we know that it was for our dad but he embraces the fact that he has access to medical assistance 24 hours a day and that's the reassurance he did not have living alone.

– Cindy Cummens
Prairie Bluffs Senior Living

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